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Most shredding companies price by two sizes of standard boxes.

Small boxes: 10”H x 12” W x 15” D
Weight: approximately 35 lbs per box

Small Box

Large boxes: 10.5” H x 12” W x 24”D
Weight: approximately 55 lbs per box

Large Box

Please let them know if the paper is in a different form than the boxes, such as the paper is loose, in a Gaylord, filing cabinets, or on shelves.

Some of the common ways that shredding companies price are per pound, per box, per minute, or per hour.


Ongoing Service Containers


If you would like ongoing service at your office, most shredding companies are willing to let you use locked containers to place your paper in until it is ready to be shredded.


Lockable console: Holds approximately 100 lbs of paper.

Lockable console


Lockable 96 gallon container: Holds approximately 300 lbs of paper.


Lockable 96 gallon container


To get an accurate quote on the lockable containers, please let them know how many containers of each type you will need for your office. Most shredding services will quote per pickup.

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